Monday, June 1, 2009

The Whole Story: Hela Spa Opens

When's the last time you felt whole, entire, and complete?
Aside from that incident at the all-you-can-eat buffet at Sizzler, we mean?
Chances are, its been awhile. So stop by the new Hela Spa in Georgetown and get your fill of relaxation and contentment.
Named for the Swedish word meaning "whole", the spa has applied the idea to body and soul, creating a multi-faceted approach to wellness and beauty. With a full range of customized treatments and medical-grade services, they'll tailor everything to your needs and wants, including purifying and renewing facials, firming masques, glycolic peels, photo rejuvenation, and laser hair removal. Massage options include deep tissue, reflexology, and of course, Swedish.
The Scandinavian-influenced space is done up in calming whites and serene greens - and the result is a wholly satisfying experience.
Or as the Swedish might say, Hela good.

Hela Spa, 3209 M Street, Washington, DC

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