Monday, May 18, 2009

Chick Lit: “Going for the Bronze,” by Sloane Tanen

Pretty and clever. Charming and witty. Vain and self-effacing.
But enough about you. Let's talk about the chickens.
Sloane Tanen's chickens, to be precise. The charming diorama dwellers we first fell for (read: identified shamelessly with) in Bitter with Baggage Seeks Same are back in all their fluffy splendor. Only this time, they're Going for the Bronze, with their usual mix of bravura, wit, and lunacy.
No matter how you look at it, it's tough to be a modern young chicken. And Tanen, an astute social critic whose medium happens to be fuzzy yellow chicks, spares no punches as she takes on diets and divas, botox and boyfriends, slackers and starlets, annoying new mommies and Boris the boy genius.
Which is to say you'll recognize yourself and your whacked-out friends in the meticulously composed and hilariously detailed scenes. The book, which consists of photos of the dioramas and witty captions, feels like eavesdropping and window shopping on very crazy (yet utterly typical) lives.
Or, put another way, peering into the madhouse that is your henhouse.

Available at

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Friday, May 15, 2009

Gracias De Nada: Denada Design Bags

Remember the foreign language feud of 1989? You wanted to take French (visions of chocolate, fashion, a semester in Paris). The 'rents insisted on Spanish (visions of practicality).
As a result, the necessary basics have stuck: Donde esta el bano? Necesito mas cerveza. And, of course, de nada.
So you'll appreciate Denada Design, creators of some of the prettiest little bolsas (purses, silly) in town. Created by D.C. artist Virginia Arrisueno, the bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes - hobos, city totes, wristlets - and are made with standout fabrics patterned with bold, graphic designs like deco-y flowers, cool camo, and even a psychedelic toile.
Our fave has to be the mini amber floral striped tote with a magenta lining.
The best part? The bags cost only $30 to $50.
Which means you'll have much dinero left over for those French lessons.

Available at Denada Design.

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Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Fitting Reward: Jalda Handbags and Accessories

Handbags and wallets are a lot like Goldilocks would describe the bears.
Papa's too big. Mama's too small. And Baby's perfect. But only with your light blue dress with the green embroidery. (Damn that one dimensional family.)
So hail the versatility of Jalda Handbags, which has accessories for just about any occasion. Each is made with crocodile-embossed leather and comes in an array of colors. There's the turquoise card case for when you want to go out with just an ID and credit card, the pumpkin-colored passport cover for when you need to get on the plane, the fuchsia PDA case for meetings, and the metallic purple clutch for for when you need to carry a whole slew of things.
You can use them separately, of course, but put them all together and they look very polished.
Or juuuuust right, as our aforementioned golden-haired lass might have put it.

Available online at Shopbop.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Vinyl Fantasy: Pixie Fashions Accessories

Pixie stix will rot your teeth. Pixie haircuts are tough to pull off (unless you're Mia Farrow circa Rosemary's Baby). And the Pixies reunion is old news.
Before you decide the magic is gone check out Pixie Fashions, a trove of fun, quirky accessories. Each creation - hair accessories and jewelry - is handmade from PVC (that's vinyl, people) and there's nothing fairy-like about them.
Bring the classic arcade chase to your head with a Pac-Man-inspired hair clip (paired with the tormenting ghost). Bracelets range from mini pink pistols and tattoo hearts to martini glasses and corset charms.
Pixie Fashions come in itty-bitty prices too ($15-$30), and will even custom design items. Just tell them your idea, and they'll make it a reality.
Sort of a real-life fairy-tale ending.

Available online at Pixie Fashions.

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