Friday, May 1, 2009

Vinyl Fantasy: Pixie Fashions Accessories

Pixie stix will rot your teeth. Pixie haircuts are tough to pull off (unless you're Mia Farrow circa Rosemary's Baby). And the Pixies reunion is old news.
Before you decide the magic is gone check out Pixie Fashions, a trove of fun, quirky accessories. Each creation - hair accessories and jewelry - is handmade from PVC (that's vinyl, people) and there's nothing fairy-like about them.
Bring the classic arcade chase to your head with a Pac-Man-inspired hair clip (paired with the tormenting ghost). Bracelets range from mini pink pistols and tattoo hearts to martini glasses and corset charms.
Pixie Fashions come in itty-bitty prices too ($15-$30), and will even custom design items. Just tell them your idea, and they'll make it a reality.
Sort of a real-life fairy-tale ending.

Available online at Pixie Fashions.

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