Monday, September 28, 2009

Nip It in the Bud: Zip's Natural Sport Nip Stick

Of all your many injuries, those nipple-related have been the most painful.
There was the Chafing Incident during the Boston Marathon. The European Sunbathing Fiasco of 2000. The worst? The infamous Pete Rose Third-Base Dive that nearly cost you your left one forever.
For moments like these, Zip’s Natural Sport Nip Stick is a must. Only one of the many skin-saving products for athletes made by tree huggers Indigo Wild, the Nip Stick treats your burned and chapped tenderonies with all-natural, aromatherapeutic ingredients, soothing the pain and softening the skin. Other products to love are Muscle Rub, Sole Spray, and the indispensable Scab Dab, for those nasty scrapes you can’t seem to avoid.
So whether you’re running on empty, running against the wind, or — oops! — running into the ground, Zip’s has a remedy.

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