Sunday, September 20, 2009

Put a Lid on It: Effie’s Heart Tulip Hats

On your morning-after-binge-drinking to-do list, you’ve got it all covered. Visine? Check.
Advil? Double check.
Miracle concealer? You bet.
Hair of the dog? Desperate times …
Your own hair? Eek!
Rather than letting that rat’s nest give it all away, cover your tresses with a charming tulip hat by Effie’s Heart.
The toppers are inspired by the 1920s, when, according to the designer, busy Prohibition Era women threw on cute chapeaux to conceal the effects of a night of hard partying.
The styles are pretty and practical: Each one has a large scalloped edge, is reversible, and can be adjusted to accommodate even large noggins. Available patterns include a summery navy stripe/blue and white floral print, an ornate black velvet/dark chocolate toile, a classic red gingham/solid red, and an adventurous patchwork/soft yellow.
All four looks are lighthearted and utterly ladylike.
Which is exactly what people will say about you.
Assuming, of course, they didn’t see you dancing on a banquette twelve hours ago.

Available online at

Style Wins has five Effie's Heart hats to giveaway to five lucky readers. Send an email to by October 30, 2009 for your chance to win!

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